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Training management

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  • About training management

    Save money and time by outsourcing your training management

    For over 10 years, we’ve been delivering training management services to a growing portfolio of global customers. We currently process the full suite of training transactions to some of the biggest organisations in safety critical industries.

    Our team of training experts is an extension of your business, managing your investment in the training and development of your most important asset: your people.

    Using our dedicated applications, our team will identify and process all training bookings through our own facilities or third party providers.

    We will manage all cancellations, amendments, no-shows, last-minute changes and more, liaising directly with individual employees and taking into account crew rotations, holiday commitments and geographical location, to ensure that the best option for training is selected. All training bookings will be consolidated into one invoice per legal entity (or per asset on request).

    Market-leading training management software application
    As part of our digital strategy, our dedicated application team has developed a market-leading, cloud-based solution which manages training matrices, tracks training and certifications, and improves compliance by automating manual tasks, providing real-time dashboard and management reports on your critical business KPIs.  

    With the ability to integrate with your own software solutions and applications, it has been designed to meet the needs of our customers, delivering both cost and time efficiencies.

    Key features:

    • Manage training matrices and compliance
    • Track training and certification, including gap analysis
    • Course cost analysis and advanced budgeting capabilities
    • Automated reminders
    • Configurable dashboards
    • Integrated training request / booking tool with customisable workflows
    • Vendor and cost management
    • Management reporting tools
    • Integration with 3rd party systems
    • Competence management
  • Compliance management

    Outsource your compliance management and focus on your core business

    Current and predicted training compliance percentages are visible real-time in our software applications, making it easy to identify and remedy instances of non-compliance before any deadlines are reached.

    Training courses and preferred vendors are matched with any gap in requirements, reducing the risk of human error while minimising the time required to create a booking.

    With over 100 years of combined experience and our global footprint, our managed services team has a comprehensive knowledge of the current training requirements of any safety critical industry. We proactively provide support to the management of our clients to make sure they are aware of any regulatory changes, updates to any course catalogues of RelyOn Nutec or approved 3rd party training providers.

  • Logistics

    One point of contact, let us handle all travel, accommodation and other logistics associated with training

    Our managed services team can handle all travel, accommodation and other logistics associated with training. Using your preferred suppliers or our own extensive network of providers, we deliver a seamless training experience from beginning to end.

    Our team will liaise directly with the delegates to identify the best travel and accommodation arrangements for their needs, and all logistics can be integrated into one single invoice for easy financial tracking.

  • Dashboard and reporting

    Get the reports and dashboards to understand your training status

    Our software features performance dashboards displaying customisable KPIs and a dedicated portal for your workforce, tracking compliance of training, checking requirements, and generating a variety of reports at the click of a button:

    • Compliance reporting per project, asset, role, etc.
    • Expiry look-ahead reporting
    • Training gap analysis
    • Trend analysis
    • Budget reporting
    • Cost analysis
    • KPI Reporting