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Why our simulators

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  • About our simulators

    Pushing the limits on what is technical possible since the 1990s

    Having pioneered the development of high-fidelity simulation in the drilling and lifting industries since the late 1990s, Oiltec Solutions is now an integral part of RelyOn Nutec.

    We develop and deliver world-leading drilling and crane simulator solutions within our network of global training centres. All solutions are focused on improving safety while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

    We bring training to life through the use of advanced simulation solutions. Our state-of-the-art simulator systems are used to practice complex operations in a safe and controlled training environment, bringing real-life operational scenarios into your training programme.

  • Why use our simulations

    Reduce risk and cost while increasing competence levels and minimise non-productive time

    Simulations help you to:

    • Reduce operational risk and increase efficiency by testing procedures and identifying potential issues prior to operations
    • Increase competence levels by accelerating workforce development through training in a safe and controlled environment
    • Reduce non-productive time by enabling refining complex operational procedures before putting them into practice in the real world.

    Our simulators allow you to train in a risk-free environment and to practice difficult operational procedures and challenges. Using our dynamic and immersive technology, we can create highly realistic scenarios which can be used for competence assessments of new and experienced operators.

    With the ability to manipulate environmental conditions, emulate rig facilities and specific wells, simulate different cranes/offshore platforms/cargo type and recreate critical events or failures, our simulators offer an optimal environment in which the workforce can train to identify and resolve any operational issues.

  • How we are different

    High-fidelity learning experience with unmatched realism and integrated learning experience

    We are different because:

    • Our dynamic simulator technology provides a high-fidelity learning experience with unmatched realism.
    • By having integrated our simulators, instructors and a broad library of training courses under one roof, we can deliver high-quality and effective training programmes aimed at improving operational efficiency and safety.
    • Our in-house technology allows us to customise the learning experience to individuals or crews.