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Oil and gas - Supporting the full value chain

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  • How we can help

    Building a safe and sustainable oil and gas industry together

    The oil and gas industry employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Employing a diverse group of people with hugely varied skill sets in science, management, technical and operational roles as well as back office service functions.

    Experience, global reach and the latest digital solutions
    We have been supporting customers in oil and gas for over five decades. We deliver training, compliance and competence solutions enabled by leading digital learning and software services. We deliver a breadth of services that can be tailored to your needs. Whether it is the transition to a new geography with all the local legislative, operational and cultural challenges that entail or simply preparing an operational team for a new project, we have the capabilities to support. 

    Supporting all players in the industry
    We are proud to say that we can include the industries largest operators, contractors and service companies as our customers. With subject matter experts in the sector, we have knowledge and first-hand experience that can be applied to support customers in dealing with assets, equipment, travel, and working practices, ensuring real safety solutions that deliver peace of mind, cost reductions and increasingly efficient operations.

  • Our solutions for the oil and gas industry

    We are a global safety and competence business delivering training, digital services, consultancy and software solutions

    Our footprint and client list ensure we keep up to date with changing local and global requirements and practical and digital trends in protecting workers, the environment and oil and gas assets. 

    Most accreditation and training courses
    Being the world's largest provider of safety, drilling, fire and technical training for the oil and gas sector globally means we have the facilities, the software and management services as well as the subject matter expertise to meet the people and safety challenges of the industry.

    Our state-of-the-art facilities and digital infrastructure mean we can deploy training and services across the world seamlessly. With an accreditation set you would expect from the industry leader, we can meet the requirements of the industries' supply chains end to end.

    With a diverse portfolio of courses available both digitally and in the classroom, we provide support to those embarking on their career as well as organisations with multi-geography footprints looking to ensure they meet internal and external standards for competence across their workforce.

    See our oil and gas training courses 

    Global drilling and well control offerings
    With Aberdeen Drilling School being part of the RelyOn Nutec Group, we have a global network of accredited drilling and well control training services meeting the needs of our customers across the world. 

    Utilising our advanced simulation technology, we can deliver the highest standard of training and competence services where our customers need them deployed, in our centres or as remote learning options, through our virtual classroom platform or as e-learning.

    Learn anywhere and at any time with e-learning
    We offer a full portfolio of courses digitally and we also offer blended learning options, reducing costs and time away from the home and workplace.

    See our oil and gas e-learning courses

    Cutting-edge simulation solutions
    Our world-leading simulator-based training with full-size immersive rig-floor simulators, portable drilling simulators and crane simulators installed in our own facilities or sold as a stand-alone software as a service solution. Our simulation technology offers immersive virtual training and competence assessment solutions, making us the leading technology, competence and training provider to the oil and gas industry.

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    We support you stay compliant and competent
    Our managed services team has unrivalled knowledge of the specific training and competence requirements of the oil and gas industry and coupled with our experience in supporting an industry-wide customer base, we have the best possible conditions to be the preferred provider of managed services to the oil and gas industry.

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    Reduce the risk of incidents with our consultancy offerings 
    Highly regulated and focused on safety, the oil and gas sector has a high demand for our consultancy services. Customers need to ensure that their HSE procedures meet regulatory standards, that their workforce is not only compliant but fully competent, and that if an emergency incident turns into a full-scale crisis, they have the means to prevent injury or the loss of life and the capabilities to prevent damage to the environment, their assets and their reputation.

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    Simplify and reduce cost with our applications
    With a market-leading suite of applications, we help the leading companies in the oil and gas industry manage their competence and develop the performance of their workforce. Our cloud-based platform is both scalable and configurable, meaning whether workforce training or competence management is the aim or control of work processes and digital procedures, you can make the choice through selecting from our modular structure.

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