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Turning an offshore energy training management service on its head

RelyOn Nutec has developed a subscription-based commercial TMS model which guarantees fixed training costs over the contract period.

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At a glance

Sector: Oil and gas production (onshore and offshore)

Services: Training management

Location: UK

Trained: 700+


An international oil and gas production company with five assets in the UK has approximately 500 personnel deployed offshore, with another 200 colleagues onshore, all of which need to be kept up to date with key skills and qualifications to comply with industry standards and safety standards.

Having worked with the customer since 2018, RelyOn Nutec designed a novel Upside Down Training Management Service (TMS) to provide a more comprehensive training programme across the workforce and – crucially – to reach 100% compliance.

Upside Down TMS

The new commercial model sees the operator pay a fixed annual fee for three years, through which all training requirements are covered.  All 700 contractors are covered, whether they work onshore or offshore, and regardless of whether their training requirements relate to business or technical skills, or critical safety qualifications.

The fully managed service is delivered via RelyOn Nutec’s fully-integrated Rider employee performance management software, which offers three comprehensive modules:

  • Training & learning management: including world-class in-person training facilities, augmented by the latest in adaptive learning to ensure more effective and efficiently-delivered training. This also features access to RelyOn Nutec’s full e-learning catalogue.
  • Competence management: helping companies to keep track of contractor competencies, including verification and assessment functions.
  • Compliance management: Users can rely on the TMS to track and evidence compliance in safety-critical industries, such as offshore energy.

As an integrated software platform, Rider allows employees to book their own courses directly (subject to customer approvals processes), saving time and easing the administrative burden phasing companies with a large workforce. The system also integrates with the in-house HR system, ensuring no new starters, transfers or leavers are missed.

With the certainty that it has first right of refusal on all training requirements for the operator for three years, RelyOn Nutec is able to invest in an even higher level of service as a result. The operator therefore has access to two full-time training coordinators and a dedicated team leader.

No surprises

The strength of the system and depth of the partnership means that RelyOn Nutec aims to reach 100% compliance within the 3 year contract period, with the software able to actively manage compliance gaps and to identify future roles for individuals, such as through promotions or project transfers.

What’s more, against a backdrop of a volatile energy market and eye-watering rates of inflation in the UK, the customer now has a set-in-stone compliance and competence budget for the next three years.

In a sector where safety is critical and the operating environment is unpredictable, this operator and RelyOn Nutec are able to work together to ensure there are no financial or compliance surprises.