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    One stop shop for e-learning

    Analysis and justification

    Our goal is to continuously expand a best-in-class e-learning portfolio that caters for multiple safety critical industries. In order to achieve this, systematic analysis and justification are heavily in place to ensure our product development is focused and aligned with industry requirements.


    The development of new content is constant. Our global subject matter experts are on hand with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure accuracy in awareness level training whilst working together with our instructional design team to generate focused learning objectives and scripts. Our development team is constantly finding new techniques and innovations to help visualise and present digital training in the most effective way.

    Like all other RelyOn Nutec software-related products, we use innovative technologies to ensure that our trainees get the best learning experience, including 360° scenario-based learning, augmented reality and 3D visualisation.


    Our developed content is meticulously written to current data, statistics and legislation to remain relevant to learners.

    Every course developed uses engaging, modern and a refined mix of rich media, including animation, video, illustration, and audio techniques. Coupled with our world-leading learning management system, we can ensure all learners have the best content at their fingertips 24/7.

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  • Bespoke

    Tailor-made courses for your business requirements


    Our in-house creative learning team design and build all of our portfolio e-learning programmes, but they’re also on hand to create engaging, interactive e-learning, safety videos or site inductions for your business.

    Our techniques for developing bespoke courses are well established – they’ve evolved since we first pioneered e-learning in the Oil & Gas industry in the mid-1990s.

    Our subject matter experts, instructional course designers and media programmers combine to create the final product, adopting a strict but flexible development process to ensure quality standards, timescales and budgets are met. 


    All of our courses use version control to ensure that changes during the development cycle are always documented and stored.

    We screen and quality control our products through various levels of tests to make sure that not only is the course content accurate, but the visual and technical aspects exceed the clients’ requirement. 

    We never forget the courseware is ultimately for the learner. That’s why we ensure the methods and standards of communication match the target audience, and carefully factor in issues ranging from cultural and language considerations to literacy standards and age range. 


    We understand that flexibility is key. Our bespoke offering is just that – bespoke to whatever budget you have. Whether you require a simple power point conversion, or an engaging, interactive masterpiece, we will help to find the right solution for you.

  • Platforms

    Our LMS is state of the art

    Area9's Rhapsode CURATOR

    Area9's Rhapsode CURATOR is the world's most advanced content curation platform, allowing for a streamlined work-flow with intuitive authoring tools and templates, and guaranteeing a fast, effective, and affordable content production process.

    Its features include:

    • Adaptive courseware at scale.
    • Building incrementally or across an entire portfolio.
    • Collaboration with human teachers.
    • Creation of engaging content that improves outcomes, with data to prove it.
    • Faster speed to market by leveraging existing process and content.

    The Rhapsode CURATOR platform offers innovation without the disruption. It curates content made outside and inside the tool, within organization and on the web, and integrates openly with third party systems using industry standards.

    Area9's Rhapsode LEARNER

    Area9's Rhapsode LEARNER is the personalized experience for employee, student or trainee. It applies science and technology to improve how and what is learned.

    Its benefits are manifold:

    • Guaranteed to get you to knowledge proficiency faster.
    • Designed with integrated tools for a meaningful experience.
    • Accessible through mobile apps or internet browser.

    The Rhapsode LEARNER platform will guide you step-by-step to the path of proficiency. Its personalized learning interface includes:

    • Progress bar: Monitor your status towards learning the current objective.
    • Content objective: remaining topics at a glance.
    • Coach: feedback on topics when you need it.
    • Interactive learning: Personalized learning activities that adapt to help you reach content mastery.
    • Performance: Measures your knowledge, grit and meta learning, helping you become a 4D learner.
    • Projection: Graphical representation of your path to proficiency.
  • Translations

    Multi-language, bespoke courses and translation services

    Genuinely global

    In addition to our standard services, we also offer multi-language, bespoke courses and translation services. If certain criteria is covered, all of our portfolio courses can be translated on request. We can also translate any digital material you have.

    Our learning management system is also translated into 5 languages, with a future roadmap to expand this.