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Training compliance should be easy

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Learn how you can improve your compliance while saving money on administration and training with our training management system

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  • About our training compliance system

    Get full visibility and track your employees' training compliance levels according to your internal or external regulations

    The training compliance system offers full visibility and tracking of your employees' training compliance levels according to your internal or external regulations. Additionally, training requirements can be efficiently managed preventing or resolving training gaps, including the auto deployment of e-learning. Financial tracking of your training expenditure and forecasting of future spend are also all available on demand.

    The system functionality has been set up specifically to support the users in their day-to-day activity:

    • The employee portal is home for all certification requirements, digital, simulation, practical and classroom training and can analyse compliance gaps today or against future promotion prospects or project-specific requirements. The employee can manage current training bookings or view existing status and communications.
    • The supervisor portal allows supervisors or workforce development teams to track and manage individuals or group certification and requirements. Progress of multiple employees can be viewed and tracked to ensure the teams are in compliance with relevant internal or external requirements.
    • The training administration portal is dedicated for the creation, tracking and management of training requests in real time. Specific functionality is embedded to make sure any potential compliance gaps are identified and communicated according to pre-configured escalation levels. Multi-level financial reporting is available allowing forecasting and expenditure for account, asset, project and all the way to individual training costs.

    The training compliance system is fully compatible with the other RelyOn Nutec systems on the platform. In cases where the competence and/or digital procedure systems are also installed, management can be provided with a full view of the workforce readiness (certification, competence and digital procedure compliance and awareness).

  • Why use our training compliance system

    Manage your compliance in the most effective way while saving money on administration and training

    • Efficient management of training allows higher compliance with less headcount involved
    • Ensures all training is relevant for the role and ensures the training matrix requirements are accurate
    • Optimises and streamlines the identification and selection of required training
    • An automatic digital management process for training requirements
    • Shows total cost of training reduction
  • How it works

    The system digitalises and automates your training processes so you can focus on what you do best

    Key features

    • Dedicated screens and functionality for the users across the organisation (employee, supervisor, training staff, etc.)
    • Flexible digital solution to the management of training requirements
    • Specifically designed to operate across organisations with varying levels of complexity and risk
    • Fully auditable training record repository
    • Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and all major ERP systems
    • Advanced reporting and dashboarding to allow detailed analysis of performance and measurement and production of KPIs
    • Fully automatic notification and escalation system
    • Customisable workflows for handling training requests
    • Customisable reports and dashboard

    How do i get started?

    • Contact us to talk with one of our consultants today and find out where our platform or our related services can help you manage your workforce more efficiently. With an initial, short assessment, we can provide a detailed view of what getting you started would entail
    • Our teams are ready to manage the full transfer from your current approach to using our platform with a minimal impact on your ongoing operation
    • We have over 15 years of experience in successfully migrating, improving and deploying training management systems
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