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Renewables - Supporting the energy transition

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  • How we can help

    Building a safe and sustainable renewables industry together

    Energy from renewable sources is not only growing rapidly in terms of capacity, its reach now effectively covers the globe and makes up a rapidly increasing share of the world’s generated power supply. As countries set challenging deadlines striving for net zero carbon emissions, businesses are under pressure to respond.

    Many of our customers are now heavily involved in transitioning from fossil-based energy sources to renewable energy sources as widespread global concern for climate change intensifies.

    Employing a diverse group of people with hugely varied skill sets in science, management, technical and operational roles as well as back office service functions supports the industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

  • Our solutions for the renewables industry

    We are a global safety and competence business delivering training, digital services, consultancy and software solutions to the renewables industry. 

    Our footprint and client list ensure we keep up to date with changing local and global requirements and practical and digital trends in protecting workers, the environment and the renewables assets 

    Market-leading training provider for the renewables industry

    We are the global market-leading training provider to the renewables industry delivering a full range of accredited courses from our state-of-the-art training facilities, digitally or via simulation technology. 

    Our subject matter experts and instructors have a deep understanding of working in high-risk environments and first-hand experience of the potential risks in the renewables industry. The transfer of this understanding and experience is front of mind whether we are delivering training to new entrants to the industry, running advanced simulations or providing consultancy.

    With our full range of courses, expert knowledge, a worldwide footprint and our digital infrastructure, we are best placed to meet all your needs. We maintain intimate and operational contact with the industries’ leading companies to ensure we keep pace with the ever changing demands.

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    As the renewables industry grows, so do the risk and responsibility to protect its people and the environment. Our managed services lean heavily on our vast experience in the renewables industry. We utilise our advanced applications as we support our customers in taking care of their training needs while ensuring compliance and competence requirements are met.

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    Our HSE, competence and crisis management consultancy teams work with you and your team to efficiently achieve your strategic and operational safety requirements. Whether designing the safety requirements for a role, preparing the workforce to act safely, or building plans to change the safety culture we have the experience to help.

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    As the industry grows, so do the demands on joined-up and real-time deployment of learning.  We have cloud-based applications and simulation technology developed to cater the needs in the renewables industry all the way through the product life cycle from project initiation phase to decommissioning.

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