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Maritime - Supporting all organisations operating and travelling on the sea

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  • How we can help

    Supporting customers in the maritime industry

    The maritime industry connects cultures, continents and communities. Distributing people, goods and services to locations, businesses and consumers worldwide, the maritime industry truly has global reach. From cruise ships and ferries to bulk tankers and fishing boats, the industry is diverse and operates across the most dangerous and harsh environments on earth and regularly at significant distances from the nearest help. Maritime crew members need to operate safely and be able to rely on their own training and competences and those of other people in a crisis, when the nearest help can be days if not weeks away.

    Onboard, the crew will need the necessary individual and team training and competences to ensure that emergencies can be managed, and that injury to personnel, assets or damage to the environment are prevented. We have been supporting clients in the maritime industry to meet these needs for more than 50 years.  

    Whether it’s delivering safety training and assessment on board or digitally for crews in the cruise industry, providing or developing scenario-based crisis and emergency management training for a regional ferry company, we have a full range of solutions that fit. Our team of trainers and consultants consists of subject matter experts with specialist and maritime experience. They are the best in their field with safety in their DNA. Utilising our state-of-the-art facilities or digital and simulation technology, we deliver training and consultancy to support your needs. With a culture of safety running deep in our organisation, you can be assured the safety of your team, and the environment is at the forefront of everything we do, whether developing digital solutions, training individual members of the team or working with organisations to develop and deliver team-based scenarios.

  • Our solutions for the maritime industry

    We are a global safety and competence business delivering training, digital services, consultancy and software solutions to the maritime industry. 

    Our footprint and client list ensure we keep up to date with changing local and global requirements and practical and digital trends in protecting the workers, the environment and the maritime assets.  

    We are the world’s leading provider of safety training to the maritime industry with state-of-the-art training facilities across the globe. Training to STCW safety standards and in compliance with IMO regulations on safety on board, our courses are accredited by the local flag state, and we have the ability to use our worldwide Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) approval on the maritime courses we offer.

    Our instructors are highly qualified with industry experience delivering a broad range of STCW initial and refresher level training as well as more advanced crisis management and scenario-based training. 

    Our training facilities are fully equipped and offer excellent opportunities for lifeboat training, including navigation and man overboard situations. With specialised firefighting training facilities we simulate real-life onboard environments. Scenario- and team-based training solutions incorporate the full ‘command and control’ chain, simulating the bridge, firefighting and lifeboat facilities. These unique scenarios simulate as closely as possible real working conditions, providing a more effective training while minimising cost and time away from home or not onboard.

    Training the entire crew, from deckhand to officer and captain, we focus on teamwork and use virtual reality to recreate specific ships to deliver the most realistic training experience available.

    Alternative fuels are growing in their use across the maritime industry; and we offer ‘Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF) basic and advanced safety training’ focussing on working safely with these conditions as described in the IGF Code. Our training can be adapted to focus on a company's specific requirements, if necessary.

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    Following the STCW Manila Amendments, shipping companies need to demonstrate crew member compliance and competence in order to meet regulations. With over 50 years of experience in managing training obligations and advising on competence best practice, we provide an expert advisory service that comes from a wealth of experience in the safety training sector.

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    Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a unique service led by a team of specialists from our organisation, who do more than their ‘ordinary work'. Available to assist in managing a crisis with their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and specialised material, the ERT is on standby on a 24/7 basis for ship fires, industrial fires and accidents with hazardous materials all over the world. Over the past 35 years, the team has been successfully deployed on over 120 incidents. We learn from each and every one of these incidents, improving and evolving our response capabilities and including best practices learned in the training programmes we offer. 

    From emergency planning and emergency response to crisis management together with our customers, we deliver strategic, tactical and operational support and solutions to help them achieve safer operations, prevent incidents and prepare them in case something goes wrong. We use the best practices from incidents from several industries and advise our customers in case new risks occur, like after the introduction of new fuels on board of a vessel.

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    As the industry grows, so do the demands on joined-up and real-time deployment of learning. We have cloud-based applications and simulation technology developed to cater the needs in the maritime industry all the way through the industry life cycle.

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