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Manufacturing and production - We support a safe and environment friendly production

  • How we can help

    Building a safe and sustainable manufacturing and production industry together

    Whether supplying fast-moving consumer goods or highly engineered devices to original equipment manufactures, the pressure to deliver products faster, safer and more efficiently is ever present for manufacturers. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE), operations and maintenance share data and communicate information to ensure they are compliant with environmental and safety regulations, permits, policies and procedures. When this collaboration breaks down, it can result in production shutdowns due to quality defects, unplanned maintenance, or incidents.

    Training and enhanced use of technology can be applied to solve this. The digitalisation of processes, procedures and communication gives manufacturers the opportunity to utilise advanced manufacturing of automation capabilities and technology throughout the product lifecycle, improving quality, throughput and of course safety.

  • Our solutions for the manufacturing and production industry

    We are a global safety and competence business delivering training, digital services, consultancy and software solutions

    Our footprint and client list ensure we keep up to date with changing local and global requirements and practical and digital trends in protecting workers, the environment and the manufacturing and production plants.

    With digital and practical solutions, we help you keep your employees safe and healthy, reduce your impact on the environment, and identify ways to continuously improve operational efficiency. Our solutions help you manage your regulatory requirements and meet or exceed international environmental and safety standards.