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Public - Serving fire brigades and armed forces

  • How we can help

    Building a safe and sustainable public sector together

    The public sector globally employs a significant proportion of the working population and has a wide range of assets and facilities to manage. With a trend towards outsourcing of maintenance services and associated work activities, there is an increasing challenge for the public sector to drive productivity in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

    Technology can be a fundamental advantage, digitally transforming the sector to meet the needs of the many it serves, improving efficiency and work methods without compromising safety or harming the environment.

    The public sector employs a diverse group of workers from academics working in safe office spaces to workers on the frontline saving lives and protecting the environment on a daily basis. Frontline workers include but are not limited to local and municipal fire brigades, the armed forces as well as the healthcare staff that on a daily basis ensure that people are secure, safe and healthy.

    Internationally recognised and advanced fire training and consultancy
    We have over 35 years of experience in servicing local and national fire brigades, training junior firefighters through to senior officers on implementing best practices from around the world.

    All our international courses follow the internationally recognised NFPA (National Fire protection standards) and the incident command system model from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    We specialise not only in basic firefighting, but also hazardous materials response, rescue, onboard ship and industrial firefighting. Rescue training includes situations from enclosed spaces, vehicles, rope rescue operator or technician levels and working and rescue at heights.

    Our training courses are recognised internationally, and we are specialists in evacuation and extraction techniques which incorporate a unique seven-step Systematic Approach to Vital Emergency Response (SAVER Method), developed by the International Centre for Emergency Techniques (ICET).

    Our Rotterdam training centre is the only facility worldwide to use various types of fuel: solid carbonaceous substances, hydrocarbon liquids, liquid propane, gas vapour and alcohol, and various extinguishing agents: large quantities of water, powder, foam, and CO2.

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    Trusted advisor for the armed forces
    Since our foundation we have been privileged to support and build lasting partnerships with the international armed forces. With a high level of expertise in military operations, helicopter safety, emergency response, and marine survival, our teams have the knowledge, skills and experience required to deliver world-class training and services to those who are tasked with the security of their country and citizens.

    Servicing the armed forces across the globe
    Our instructional team includes members from a wide range of military backgrounds, including SAR technicians, pilots, clearance divers, ALSE technicians, infantry and more. This diverse experience gives our instructors a unique understanding of the operational challenges faced by the armed forces who train with us.

    Over the past three decades, we have worked with armed forces from around the world, including Canada, Australia, Japan, Italy, Chile, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, South Korea, the Netherlands, France, and many more.

  • Our solutions for the public sector

    We are a global safety and competence business delivering training, digital services, consultancy and software solutions to the public sector

    Our footprint and client list ensure we keep up to date with changing local and global requirements and practical and digital trends in protecting people, the environment and assets.

    We can help you keep your employees safe and healthy, reduce your impact on the environment, and increase operational productivity. Our solutions can help you manage your own regulatory requirements and meet or exceed international environmental and safety standards.

    Tailor-made training for emergency response organisations
    An emergency response organisation requires regulatory training to optimise its performance or to train for specific situations. We work with you to deliver tailor-made training and consultancy which will leave you well trained and operating efficiently. 

    We deliver training for all levels of a response organisation from first responders up to crisis managers. Our programmes are designed to ensure that each level has the necessary competence to act effectively and to bring the incident under control as soon as possible by taking the correct (control) measures.

    Advanced training facilities
    Our Survival Training Simulation Theatres (STST) feature the most advanced equipment available globally, some of which include harsh environmental simulations, such as wind, waves, rain, and fog. Our METS® (underwater escape/egress simulators) are state-of-the-art training systems, purpose-built to operate with complete integration under a single control and safety management system.

    In recent years, we have focused heavily on developing new instructional approaches to help enhance the learning cycle and set the bar for survival training globally. Advanced video technology, including 4K GoPros, 360-degree cameras, and poolside displays, allow for immediate visual debriefs during practical training.