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Other industries - Global partner to safety critical industries

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Other industries - Global partner to safety critical industries
  1. Our industry experience
  2. Aviation
  3. Industrial Emergency Response
  • Our industry experience

    Our knowledge is based on our 30+ years of experience in safety critical industries

    With global economies increasing focus on sustainability and the environmental impact of operations across their geographies, companies must explore all opportunities to further protect their employees, the environment and their assets. Compliance is no longer the end game, it is just the start of the journey to a fully competent workforce.

    Since our beginning we have applied expert knowledge to train people to operate safely in their roles. From these beginnings we now support our customers in safety critical industries across the world with digital and practical solutions as well as consultancy, helping them make the workplace a safer place.

  • Aviation

    Building a safe and sustainable aviation industry together

    We have delivered safety training to the aviation industry for many years. Specialising in underwater egress/escape training, dinghy drills, firefighting, the effects of smoke, and first aid, we deliver training solutions for flight crews of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

    While we offer ready-made training packages suitable for aircrew, many of our customers ask us to develop bespoke training solutions, focusing on the emergency equipment their teams will be required to operate in the field, delivering added elements of realism into the courses building better trained and more confident crews.

    Our training facilities have aircraft simulators which can be configured to replicate the most common aircraft types and can emulate the varying size, shape and operating mechanisms of aircraft exits.

    We have experience in delivering recurrent training to many organisations from a variety of sectors, including oil and gas helicopter operators, search and rescue, private charter and fixed wing operators.

    Support for helicopter operations
    We deliver comprehensive training solutions for safe helicopter operations. These include air-ground radio operator competence training as well as routine helideck operations training for helicopter landing officers and helideck assistants, including helicopter refuelling.

    We are accredited to international standards and OPITO standards for relevant training undertaken within our facilities or we can deliver bespoke training on your preferred location which can include location competence assessments.

  • Industrial Emergency Response

    Stand-by and ready - always

    In industrial organisations, such as petrochemical and chemical plants with potential hazardous materials and fuels, where incidents can quickly escalate into emergency situations, there must be emergency reponse capabilities embedded in daily operations. Required to act safely, effectively, and in an instant, realistic and professional emergency response training is therefore a key factor in preventing and managing a crisis.

    Several levels of response to an incident should be considered: operational, tactical and strategic. People responsible for each level of response should be properly trained and assessed to act quickly and effectively to bring the incident under control and to mitigate damage to personnel, environment, property and business reputation.

    What we can do
    Our consultancy services cover analysis of safety and emergency response preparedness, including support in setting up, educating and training a well-prepared fire brigade and/or company emergency response organisation.

    We develop identifiable, realistic and bespoke training programmes, reproducing credible scenarios which are relevant to the personnel on course. We aim to deliver a realistic training environment, which will mirror where possible, your own work sites and activities. We use this approach for all levels within an emergency response organisation, from crew member and first responder to crisis manager.

    We have state-of-the-art training facilities consisting of several process units. Realistic escalation scenarios in process installations, including a process control room where interaction between the fire brigade and operators can be simulated. The scenarios are based on the most recent industrial and company-specific incidents across the various industries.

    International training standards
    All our education and training programmes are based on national and/or international standards (for example IFV [Dutch Institute for safety], NIBHV [Dutch Institute for Company Emergency Response], NFPA [American National Fire Protection Association], JOIFF [Joint Oil and Industry Fire Forum]) and comply with the legislation and regulations of the country in question.